TLPS Campus - Mumbai, India

 Sharmin Merchant

Silver Crest, Alfred Creado Road, Gauthan No.2, Juhu,
Mumbai 400 049.
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Sharmin Merchant TLPS campus operations as Principal in Mumbai respectively.

Transitions Lab University Preparatory School is a private independent school, promoted and funded partially by Trans Web Global and by tuition fees and philanthropic donations and governed by independent boards of trustees. TL-UPS is a co-educational school and generally address all aspects of the "well rounded" person. We honors the classical ideal that is expressed in the Latin phrase, "Mens sana in corpore sano " ("A sound mind in a sound body") by providing rigorous academics and a strong emphasis on athleticism

The school offers over several honors courses and three foreign language programs. Its faculty members are accredited teachers and hold master's degrees and doctoral degrees. Students are recommended to broaden their knowledge Languages, History, Sciences and Math, and also meet various requirements in the Arts, Computer Science, Health & Counseling, and Physical Education. Students must go beyond these basic requirements in at least some, if not all, subjects. Idea is that starting in eleventh grade, students have more flexibility with their requirements and can choose from honors courses in Economics, Psychology, Government, Religion and Public Policy, among other honors subjects. Additionally, many students develop original research projects with faculty at Mumbai University, Indian Institute of Science and in North American Universities. TLUPS students have successfully participated many academic challenges in American Math Contests, ASMA, Sir Isaac Newton Physics competitions, etc.

The students are expected to complete their secondary diploma program in IGCSE or IBO. Also we are now offering full American curriculum through Iowa School District Board. All students are encouraged to take American Red Cross CPR certification, as well as a swim test. TLPS students are also required to complete eighty hours of training in community service and participate in activities including fund raising for charities.

TLUPS main Campus is in Juhu, Mumbai, India. We also are operational in Trivandrum, HYderabad, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Surat and Banagalore in India. Trivandrum is the Administrative Office HQ, managed by Mr.Santhosh. We are expanding to Dubai, Jakartha and Colombo this academic year.