Administrative HQ - Trivandrum, India

Project Coordinator:
 Mr Santhosh

Email Id :

Mr Santhosh coordinates the operation from our office in Trivandrum, Kerala. He is a what we call, in short, a Financial Management Technologist and leads up the operation in the role of CFO. A core IT/Finance guy he was co-developer of India's first Window based Accounting Software - RE FiMS

Administration, coordination of all Asia partners, Franchise/partner development etc are the main function of this office. Our India subsidiary - this is our operational HQ. Our Chartered Accountant Mr Mohan Kumar and our tax consultant works from this town. More importantly, our research room team, Aswani, Radhika and Kiran works from Institute of Journalism, University of Kerala. Mr HariKrishna Kumar the technology honcho does his magic on web, brochures, app etc from our Trivandrum office.